Founded on October 23, 1990 by British Amec plc and Palmet A.Ş as Turkey's first domestic Raised Floor manufacturer, FLOPAL Teknik Yapı Endüstri ve Tic. Inc. It has become one of the leading companies in the sector with its experience of more than 30 years, brand awareness in the domestic and international markets, and the quality of materials and services it offers, and has ensured the widespread use of raised floor systems in our country. Since the day it was founded, it has been a result-oriented solution partner for important projects with its wide product range offered to its customers, providing special solutions for projects, and experienced staff that do not compromise on quality.


Raised Floor Systems are one of the cornerstones of the infrastructure of modern office and technical volumes today. Raised Floor Systems create a second floor by using the carrier infrastructure with the required height on the reinforced concrete floor and the preferred 600x600 mm floor covering panels. With the space created under the second floor created, it provides a flexible infrastructure that can be reached at every point, both during the application and during the usage phase, for the placement and transition of electrical, mechanical and data installations. Raised floor systems create an air plenum under the floor for the use of underfloor ventilation and heating systems, and provide an opportunity for the placement of ventilation ducts and grilles.


In FLOPAL Raised Floor Systems, high density monoblock particle board or monoblock calcium sulfate board is used in fire sensitive areas as the main material. In order to increase the bearing capacity of the panel main material and its resistance to external factors, aluminum foil or galvanized steel sheet in accordance with TS-EN 12825 standard is used as the bottom and top coating material. Depending on the need, the panels can be produced to be suitable for free carpet tile/PVC flooring, covered with aluminum foil on the top and bottom, or covered with galvanized steel on all surfaces (encapsulated). During production at the factory, the upper surface of the panels can be coated with vinyl (PVC), linoleum (linoleum), laminate (HPL), parquet, ceramic, natural stone, granite. In addition, glass panel and perforated panel (perforated) production is also available.


Continuing its activities as Turkey's first domestic manufacturer, FLOPAL provides technical specifications, test reports according to TS EN standards, section-detail drawings, application site exploration, application projects, etc., at every stage of your projects, with its knowledge and experience of more than 30 years. It is a solution partner in many issues such as With its experienced staff, it offers detailed solutions for choosing the right materials suitable for your project, determining the application height, and other applications under and above the raised floor. Aiming at 100% customer satisfaction in countless projects completed to date, FLOPAL has the capacity to produce solutions and supply materials against the problems and changes that may arise during the construction of the projects, quickly, flexibly and effectively without any delay in your project.